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  • Three Reasons Why Alphabet (Google) Can Dominate Healthcare

    Los Angeles, CA September 6, 2016 – Silicon Valley’s recent obsession with Healthcare is understandable. Who doesn’t love a multi-trillion-dollar inefficient, archaic but recession proof industry? VC funding in healthcare reached record levels l...
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  • DeciBio's Recipe for Success

    Greetings from the Administration Department! My name is Jasmine and not only am I the Administrative Assistant for DeciBio, I am also a Pastry Chef! Knowing which ingredients to use to create an amazing product is one of my specialties and I’m ...
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  • Diagnostic Biomarkers for Cancer Immunotherapy – Moving Beyond PD-L1

    Santa Monica, CA, August 11, 2016 – Here at DeciBio we have been following the progression of the cancer immunotherapy, or immuno-oncology (I/O), landscape with great interest, curious how this burgeoning field will impact cancer diagnostics, ...
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  • IBM Watson Health Pushes Further into Healthcare with Machine Learning

    It's been a busy few weeks for IBM's Watson Health as it announced a partnership with Pfizer for Parkinson's research, plans to launch a European Center of Excellence, and the acquisition of Truven Health Analytics. As the first IBM business unit ...
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  • An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away (But Still In The Loop)

    On Monday morning, Apple held their “Let Us Loop You In” town hall event at their Cupertino headquarters, and while much of the attention will go towards product releases and updates, perhaps the most important and innovative work Apple is doi...
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  • Of Keppra and convulsion

    Epileptic activity is an apt metaphor for aspects of the 2008 financial crisis --- The financial crisis: of Keppra and convulsion January 10, 2013 3:44 pm by Financial Times By James Park Reprint of an article published in the Financial Times...
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  • The Financial Crisis: Of Blood & Fungability

    The financial crisis through the clinical prism of blood composition and stem cells --- Reprint of a financial times contribution: --- With the demise o...
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  • The Financial Crisis: Of Lasix and Liquidity

    In October 2008, as Lehman Brothers teetered on bankruptcy, the U.S. financial system went into septic shock --- Reprint of a financial times blog contribution:
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