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DeciBio News: Employee Benefits Update

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This summer, DeciBio introduced new benefits that offer custom-tailored enrichment opportunities and support for employees.

  1. The DeciBio “Intrapreneurship” Program provides eligible employees with customized professional development opportunities via “pet projects” and inter-company experiences throughout the world, after every three years of their employment at the firm.
  2. DeciBio’s Parental Support policies support all parents (regardless of gender) as they welcome the birth, adoption, or foster care placement of a child.
    • Based on each new parent’s unique needs, DeciBio will work with the employee to create a supportive work environment via, e.g.,  flexibility, part-time employment opportunities, work-from-home opportunities, and wellness room accessibility.
    • Employees will receive their full salary during the first twelve weeks of any new parent leave taken within one year of the new child’s arrival.
    • Employees will receive their full salary during the first four weeks of any pregnancy disability leave taken during their pregnancy.

Policy highlights are summarized above.  For additional details regarding these policies, please inquire with DeciBio.

To learn more about current openings at DeciBio, please visit our Careers page.