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AGBT 2018-2020 Survey Trends

Life Science Consulting, Precision Medicine

With AGBT PH kicking off tomorrow, we have collated and analyzed our survey results for the main conference in the last couple of years.


Recently, AGBT attendees have responded that spatial genomics and single-cell genomics are the most memorable themes of the conference. Over the years, spatial genomics has risen to the forefront. As highlighted previously, we are starting to see users move from technology assessment to actual applications, most notably for the analysis of the tumor microenvironment.


Interestingly, of the highlighted players within the space (10x Genomics, NanoString, Readcoor), Readcoor has experienced a sharp rise in awareness attributed to the release of the RC2 at AGBT 2020.


NanoString’s digital spatial profiling platform GeoMx caused a stir in 2018 and continues to be highly cited in 2020 given its analysis and bioinformatic capabilities enabling users to easily make sense of the data.


10x Genomics continues to remain top of mind for attendees over the years as well. While 10x has launched several products across their Chromium and Visium platforms in 2020 (Targeted Gene Expression, Single-cell Multiome ATAC+Gene Expression, Next-generation Immune Profiling, Visium Spatial Gene Expression with Immunofluorescence), it experienced a 23% decrease in Q2 revenues over the corresponding period in 2019, resulting from customer lab closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We look forward to AGBT PH 2020!


Explore the survey trends in the dashboard below:

Survey methodology: We asked interviewees what they would remember about AGBT, focusing on technology, announcements, and trends. We attributed 3 points for the respondent’s first answer, 2 points for the second answer, and 1 point for additional answers. On average, people provided ~3.5 answers. Please refer to previous( 2018, 2019 and 2020) blog entries to get a more granular overview of the annual survey outcomes for each of the conferences.  



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