DeciBio Consulting is a precision medicine strategy consulting and market intelligence firm serving clients across the precision medicine ecosystem, from basic research through the patient journey

Why DeciBio?


DeciBio is focused solely on precision medicine because we know that precision medicine is a complex and rapidly-evolving field, and that keeping up with the pace of innovation requires focus and attention to detail.  Working across the entire precision medicine value chain, from early-stage research through drug and diagnostic commercialization, and ultimately the patient journey, gives us a unique and comprehensive perspective that allows us to understand how the impact of market and technology developments propagates and affects stakeholders throughout the precision medicine ecosystem.


The business of science is unique in that value is inextricably linked to the underlying science and technology, and understanding that value requires a fundamental understanding of the science as well.  For this reason, all DeciBio consultants are life science degree holders who fluently speak the language of life sciences and have a deep understanding of the chemistry, biology, physics, engineering and informatics that drive innovation in precision medicine.  Our technical expertise allows us to fully understand the nuances of our clients’ most complex and technical questions and challenges, and enables us to conduct both primary and secondary research at a level of depth needed to reach first principles insights.


No two clients, products, or markets are the same, and every client question requires a custom solution.  DeciBio is adept at all forms of qualitative and quantitative market research and knows when and how to use them to yield the best data and insights for our clients.  For each project, we craft a custom research and analysis plan to capture the exact insights our client needs at the appropriate level of depth and confidence.  With proprietary resources for both primary and secondary research, and advanced quantitative analytical capabilities, DeciBio has the tools to answer any question our clients can throw at us.


Precision medicine is a global business, and your customers and markets around the world have unique needs and conditions.  DeciBio routinely conducts research in all geographies, and has an intimate understanding of the nuances of precision medicine in different markets around the world.  By leveraging in-house language capabilities and on-the-ground affiliates in key markets, we are positioned to deliver a global perspective.

DeciBio Engages with Clients in Multiple Ways

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DeciBio can craft a custom research and analysis plan to answer you critical business questions

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DeciBio offers both off-the-shelf and custom databases and SaaS tools for capturing primary and secondary market insights with speed and scale

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DeciBio conducts proprietary research to inform the development of industry-recognized market reports on key market topics