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Our interns are called “Summer Analysts” because they are fully integrated into a case team and substantially contribute to answering clients’ questions. Summer Analysts gain knowledge and skills to jumpstart a career in consulting or other life science areas.



Graduates from a bachelor’s, master’s, or P.h.D. program may enter at the Analyst or Senior Analyst level. Analysts drive primary and secondary research and contribute directly to the analysis to extract meaningful insights for our clients. DeciBio Analysts are given significant ownership over work streams, work side-by-side with our Partners, and interact directly with clients. Analysts are also encouraged to participate in operational and firm development initiatives.



Experienced P.h.D. graduates and candidates with substantial and relevant work experience often enter at the Associate level. An Associate develops a research and analysis strategy, leads a team of one or more analysts in the execution of that strategy, and synthesizes the data into a comprehensive and coherent story for the client. Associates also contribute to firm and team growth by taking on leadership roles in areas such as recruiting, training, mentorship, marketing, and original content development.



Our “Data Analysts/ Associates” are typically life science graduates with quantitative or analytical experience (e.g. engineering, mathematics, computer science, data science, statistics, operations research etc.) who can manipulate and analyze data from structured and unstructured data sources. They are responsible for creating and curating DeciBio’s market intelligence products and services. They are expected to be proficient with a variety of scripting languages and tools (e.g., Python, R, SQL, Tableau, etc.) and/or development languages and tools (e.g., ReactJS, Node.js, MongoDB, etc.).

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