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Market Reports

How KKR Made a ~3x Return in 4 Years by Investing in Research Tools

  KKR made headlines late last year with the exit of their investment in LGC Group, a UK-based biochemical standards and reagents provider. Sources say KKR acquired LGC in December

3 Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Trends In The Diagnostics Space For 2020 And Beyond

2019 was another strong year for machine learning and artificial intelligence within the diagnostic space, and the acceleration of progress in ML / AI is clearly going to continue within

Lessons Learned from the World’s First Gene-Edited Babies

Why enforceable regulation and greater inclusion and diversity in global discourse are critical to effective management of gene editing Earlier this week, He Jiankui, a professor at China’s Southern University

New CRISPR Companies Heat Up as Skepticism Grows

Novel ways of harnessing CRISPR disrupt diagnostics, therapeutics, and food systems While much hype has been built around CRISPR-Cas9 and its ability to revolutionize treatment of genetic disorders and disease,

Think Twice Before Divesting CRISPR Amid Cancer Concerns

Why Headlines Linking CRISPR to Cancer are Misleading Investors Two papers published by Novartis and Karolinska Institute that warn of potential cancer risks associated with CRISPR-Cas9 editing sent share prices

CRISPRcon 2018 Highlights

Takeaways from Conversations on Science, Society, and the Future of Gene Editing At CRISPRcon, DeciBio had the opportunity to participate in discussions with leading scientists, industry professionals, bioethicists, regulators, community

AACR 2018 Summary Highlights

Chicago, IL April 19, 2018 – Another AACR meeting has come to a close and, as always, has yielded a myriad of perspectives, developments, product launches, and clinical advancements. While

Time-Out: Talking Strategy for CRISPR’s Big 3

A Longer-term Viewpoint For An Industry Dominated by Short-term Takes Analyses of the three leading CRISPR gene editing companies have largely tracked the space reactively, providing short-term forecasts based on

Oncology Clinical Trial Timeline

We know how hard it can be to stay up to date on clinical trial activity, particularly in fast-moving fields like immuno-oncology.  To this end, we’re developing a clinical trial