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An Updated Look at TMB: What Has Changed and What to Expect

Since we last reported on the rise of tumor mutational burden (TMB) in immuno-oncology (I/O) a year ago, there have been numerous material developments of this biomarker in the I/O

AACR 2019: DeciBio Highlights

A month ago, we attended AGBT 2019 and observed a strong interest in spatial profiling and single cell analysis. While we recognize that we are somewhat biased by the in-person

AGBT 2019: Spatial Profiling Among Many Growth Applications in Genomics

Highlights from the Advances in Genome Biology Technology 2019 General Meeting It was good to be back in Marco Island for #AGBT19, and to see that genomics continues to kill

Lessons Learned from the World’s First Gene-Edited Babies

Why enforceable regulation and greater inclusion and diversity in global discourse are critical to effective management of gene editing Earlier this week, He Jiankui, a professor at China’s Southern University

Three lessons for digital health entrepreneurs from #RHSUM18

This year’s Rock Health annual digital health summit showcased another impressive lineup, with speakers like Bernard Tyson (CEO of Kaiser Permanente), Toby Cosgrove (Executive Adviser for Google Cloud and former

AGBT Precision Health 2018 Highlights: Precision Medicine Builds Up Steam Outside Academia

We attended AGBT Precision Health and had a chance to speak with pathologists, researchers, tools manufacturers, and other precision medicine stakeholders and thought leaders. The conference is finding its identity, as

New CRISPR Companies Heat Up as Skepticism Grows

Novel ways of harnessing CRISPR disrupt diagnostics, therapeutics, and food systems While much hype has been built around CRISPR-Cas9 and its ability to revolutionize treatment of genetic disorders and disease,

Think Twice Before Divesting CRISPR Amid Cancer Concerns

Why Headlines Linking CRISPR to Cancer are Misleading Investors Two papers published by Novartis and Karolinska Institute that warn of potential cancer risks associated with CRISPR-Cas9 editing sent share prices

CRISPRcon 2018 Highlights

Takeaways from Conversations on Science, Society, and the Future of Gene Editing At CRISPRcon, DeciBio had the opportunity to participate in discussions with leading scientists, industry professionals, bioethicists, regulators, community