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Lessons Learned from the World’s First Gene-Edited Babies

Why enforceable regulation and greater inclusion and diversity in global discourse are critical to effective management of gene editing Earlier this week, He Jiankui, a professor at China’s Southern University

Three lessons for digital health entrepreneurs from #RHSUM18

This year’s Rock Health annual digital health summit showcased another impressive lineup, with speakers like Bernard Tyson (CEO of Kaiser Permanente), Toby Cosgrove (Executive Adviser for Google Cloud and former

Blockchain in Healthcare: Today and Tomorrow

Blockchain technology has made a splash in the world of cryptocurrency but its capabilities could revolutionize healthcare. Editor’s Note: This article was written by Anne Marie Collins, who was part

3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Ensure a Sound Business Case

Bringing your product or service to market successfully means researching market data to identify potential buyers. Many companies start their research by asking one general question: “What’s the market size

#RHSUM 2017 Takeaways

Kudos to the Rock Health team for putting together yet another great conference with world-class speakers and attendees unquestionably passionate about the intersection of healthcare and technology. A few takeaways

DeciBio Culture Focus: Women in Consulting

Authors: Melissa Campos, Sr. Associate and Mika Wang, Director of Special Projects and Operations Imagine sitting in a room full of native Swahili speakers. They are talking, gesticulating at one

The Rise of AI and Analytics as Clinical Decision Support Tools

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics in clinical decision support is helping clinicians understand broader data sets in less time. In this post, you’ll find out where