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Q&A with Stephanie Campbell – Co-Founder of the Artemis Fund

  DeciBio’s Women in Consulting group is continuing an initiative to interview women in positions of leadership. In continuation of this series, I had the opportunity to speak with Stephanie

Q&A with Michelle Dipp – Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Biospring Partners

  DeciBio’s Women in Consulting group has started an initiative to interview women in positions of leadership in the life sciences and healthcare industries. As part of this series, I

Lessons in Digital Health Platform Acquisition from IBM’s Watson

  Watson’s high-profile Jeopardy win in 2011 seemed to be the eye-catching opening number IBM needed to introduce their AI venture into the healthcare space and turn a game show

DeciBio Q&A — Unpacking Takeda & Seqster’s New Real-Time, Massively Scaled RWD Partnership

Meet Today’s Interviewees Ardy, you’ve described Seqster as the “” of health data. Can you unpack that analogy for us and share the “elevator pitch” version of what Seqster does,

HLTH 2020 Recap: Health Innovation in a New COVID World

  The COVID pandemic has taken its hit on conferences, but HLTH leveraged the situation to launch a seamless virtual conference which was fully relevant in today’s environment. Here are

DeciBio’s Q&A with Ramon Felciano, Ph.D., CTO & VP of Strategy for QIAGEN Digital Insights

Hey Ramon, thanks for joining us for this interview today. Could you share some background to help our readers get to know you and understand how you see your role

‘Digital Contact Tracing’ — Advantages, Risks, & Post-COVID Applications

  While Apple & Google’s technology holds promise over traditional contact tracing and other, less privacy-friendly methods of digital surveillance being used across the globe, perceived data privacy and security

2020 Vision: 3 Recent Advancements in Computer Vision for Health

  The advent of computer vision – deep learning models trained on image data to classify, annotate, or otherwise characterize new images – offers a powerful toolkit for analyzing medical

Why COVID Telehealth Surges May Survive the Pandemic

  Temporary reimbursement expansion for virtual visits is eroding key barriers to adoption and driving infrastructural change   Telehealth is by no means new to the digital health game — the