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Zolgensma and Drug Development in the Era of One-and-Done

On May 24th, the FDA approved a revolutionary treatment for children under two years old who have spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) type I – a debilitating condition resulting from a

AGBT 2019: Spatial Profiling Among Many Growth Applications in Genomics

Highlights from the Advances in Genome Biology Technology 2019 General Meeting It was good to be back in Marco Island for #AGBT19, and to see that genomics continues to kill

Blockchain in Healthcare: Today and Tomorrow

Blockchain technology has made a splash in the world of cryptocurrency but its capabilities could revolutionize healthcare. Editor’s Note: This article was written by Anne Marie Collins, who was part

Exploring Collaboration Networks within Liquid Biopsy Research

Background Network graphs have always amazed me. This concept has been around for a long time now and has been leveraged by scientists to explain a wide variety of phenomena

What Are the Different Career Paths for Life Sciences Graduates?

During my 3rd year of my PhD’s studies, I decided that I want to pursue a career in life science consulting after looking into different alternative career paths. In talking

Oncology Clinical Trial Timeline

We know how hard it can be to stay up to date on clinical trial activity, particularly in fast-moving fields like immuno-oncology.  To this end, we’re developing a clinical trial

2018 Trends to Watch in Clinical Diagnostics, Research Tools, and Health Technology

2018 is underway, and we’re excited for what the year holds in the life science industry. Here are some of the trends we at DeciBio are keeping the closest eye

3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Ensure a Sound Business Case

Bringing your product or service to market successfully means researching market data to identify potential buyers. Many companies start their research by asking one general question: “What’s the market size

5 Insights from Our New Clinical NGS Database

The clinical next generation sequencing market is expected to be a large, fast-growing segment over the next few years, with roughly half of the total NGS market growth attributed to growth in