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3 Questions to Ask Yourself to Ensure a Sound Business Case

Bringing your product or service to market successfully means researching market data to identify potential buyers. Many companies start their research by asking one general question: “What’s the market size

5 Insights from Our New Clinical NGS Database

The clinical next generation sequencing market is expected to be a large, fast-growing segment over the next few years, with roughly half of the total NGS market growth attributed to growth in

Using Design Sprints for Life Science Market Research

A design sprint is an ideation process popular among innovative companies like Google, IDEO, Nest, Flatiron, and Medium. Google Ventures describes the five-day process as “a shortcut to learning without

DeciBio Culture Focus: Women in Consulting

Authors: Melissa Campos, Sr. Associate and Mika Wang, Director of Special Projects and Operations Imagine sitting in a room full of native Swahili speakers. They are talking, gesticulating at one