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DeciBio’s Q&A with Brady Davis, SVP of Business Development for Canexia Health

  DeciBio had the pleasure of interviewing Canexia Health’s SVP of Business Development, Brady Davis. We interviewed Brady to understand how Canexia Health and Project ACTT (Access to Testing and

3 Takeaways for Digital Health from #CES2020

Consumer health techs hone clinical value propositions Criticism of the digital health space has largely centered on the lack of clinical utility and validity as a result of technologies built

3 Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence Trends In The Diagnostics Space For 2020 And Beyond

2019 was another strong year for machine learning and artificial intelligence within the diagnostic space, and the acceleration of progress in ML / AI is clearly going to continue within

The Rise of AI and Analytics as Clinical Decision Support Tools

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics in clinical decision support is helping clinicians understand broader data sets in less time. In this post, you’ll find out where

Theranos One Step Closer to Consumerizing Health

Los Angeles, CA April 8th 2015 – It has been nearly six months since we released our 1st edition Theranos Due Diligence report. Despite an active summer for Theranos, the

The Six Million Dollar Man could soon cost a fraction of that

Los Angeles, CA February 19th, 2015 – Last week, 19 year-old Easton LaChappelle from the small town of Mancos, CO publicly released the blueprints for a $350 3D printed robotic

EnteroMedic’s Maestro System has the potential to unlock the neuromodulation obesity market

According to the CDC, more than half of Americans are overweight or obese, with an estimated annual cost of obesity of ~$150 billion. Because conditions such as heart disease, stroke,

Could stem cells cure diabetes?

Los Angeles, CA October 13th 2014 – A recent paper published in Cell by Melton and colleagues last week attracted public attention as it demonstrated a protocol to effectively generate

Theranos: Small Sample, Big Opportunity

Los Angeles, CA June 20th 2014 – Silicon Valley is no stranger to revolutionary start-up companies with lofty valuations and visionary leaders, so it only made sense when Fortune magazine