Molecular Diagnostics


Industry Snapshot: The nascent ctDNA MRD space continues to see rapid growth; 10+ companies competing with significant runway remaining

  Definitions: Minimal or molecular residual disease (MRD) and “monitoring” as referenced in this blog include the assessment of ctDNA levels or ctDNA load to determine prognosis, serially monitor response

Multiplex Tissue Analysis + Digital Pathology in Clinical Research – A Summary of ASCO 2021 Findings

Background The range of technologies that enable multiplex tissue analysis (MTA) and digital pathology (DigPath) are rapidly growing and entering the clinical research space, providing new means of characterizing the

Navigating Companion Diagnostics (CDx) – Multiple Stakeholders, Many Goals

Background Companion diagnostic (CDx) tests are a foundational tool in precision medicine, helping ensure only the right patients receive the right therapies. The past several years have seen an explosion

Update on the Adoption And Utilization of Emerging Precision Medicine Biomarkers and Technologies in Routine Clinical Care

At DeciBio Consulting, our mission is to provide market intelligence and insights to advance precision medicine.  To this end, we track this space closely, especially the field of precision oncology,

DxBooks Data Insights: 3 Trends in Hospital COVID Testing Since April

  The SARS-CoV-2 DxBook launched in April, during the first few weeks of widespread lockdowns, and the team has diligently collected data on testing behaviors at hospitals around the country