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DeciBio’s Q&A with Omead Ostadan — President & COO of Seer, Inc.

Following Seer’s first earnings call as a public company, we had the opportunity to sit down and discuss Seer’s technology and the proteomics market with Omead Ostadan. You can find

DeciBio’s Spatial Omics Q&A with Ben Hindson, CSO for 10x Genomics

  On February 24th, 10x Genomics hosted their first Xperience event, which showcased the next wave of innovations for their three product verticals: Chromium, Visium, and the upcoming in situ

AGBT 2021: DeciBio Quick Highlights – Spatial Profiling Takes Center Stage

AGBT 2021: DeciBio Quick Highlights – Spatial Profiling Takes Center Stage My Livingroom, Home March 4, 2021 – AGBT’s 21st edition was in sharp contrast to last year’s, and about

Spatial Omics Year in Review (2020): Transcriptomics Takes Center Stage

  While most industries slowed down in response to the global pandemic in 2020, the field of spatial omics certainly did not. Established companies and startups continued to announce products,

Spatial Omics Year in Review

2019 was a big year for the spatial omics market—we saw a number of long-awaited commercial launches and new product offerings, among other exciting news in the field. This blog

QIAGEN to Become Thermo?

In mid-November, speculation began that ThermoFisher was in talks with QIAGEN surrounding a potential acquisition. A hypothetical tie-up could help Thermo bolster its reach into clinical diagnostic tests and nucleic

Pain Points, Unmet Needs, and Disruption in Precision Medicine – Part 1

DeciBio’s mission is to provide market intelligence and strategic insights that drive disruption and innovation in the precision medicine and life science industry. To this end, my colleague, Colin Enderlein,

Highly-Multiplexed Tissue Imaging: The Research Tool of The Future

In our last blog post, Andrew covered how immuno-oncology is driving the development and utilization of digital pathology and multiplex spatial tissue analysis. In his blog, Andrew included all plex

Immuno-Oncology Biomarkers: Landscape Summary 2017

Six years after the approval of the first checkpoint inhibitor, the explosion of research and development of cancer immunotherapies continues to accelerate at an unprecedented pace.  As a class, cancer