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DeciBio’s Spatial Omics Q&A with Brian McKelligon of Akoya Biosciences

  Akoya Biosciences has gone public, will be joining the Russell 3000, penned agreements with Nikon, Zeiss, CrestOptics, Andor, and AstraZeneca, and discovered novel immunotherapy markers in collaboration with astronomists

The Galaxy’s Guardians with Dr. Chris Mason

I recently had a chance to sit down for a really fun conversation with my friend Dr. Chris Mason. Chris is a professor at Weill Cornell Medicine, and he works

DeciBio’s Spatial Omics Q&A with Terry Lo and George Emanuel of Vizgen

  This past Thursday, May 6, Vizgen launched their MERFISH (Multiplexed Error-Robust Fluorescence in situ Hybridization) Data Release Program and released the first available dataset, the Mouse Brain Receptor Map.

DeciBio’s Q&A with Omead Ostadan — President & COO of Seer, Inc.

Following Seer’s first earnings call as a public company, we had the opportunity to sit down and discuss Seer’s technology and the proteomics market with Omead Ostadan. You can find

DeciBio’s Spatial Omics Q&A with Ben Hindson, CSO for 10x Genomics

  On February 24th, 10x Genomics hosted their first Xperience event, which showcased the next wave of innovations for their three product verticals: Chromium, Visium, and the upcoming in situ

Spatial Omics Year in Review (2020): Transcriptomics Takes Center Stage

  While most industries slowed down in response to the global pandemic in 2020, the field of spatial omics certainly did not. Established companies and startups continued to announce products,

Cancer Immunotherapy Biomarker Spotlight: Immune Function Markers / Analyses

We’ve been tracking the cancer immunotherapy biomarker space closely via our Immuno-Oncology BioMAP for years and have witnessed the rapid growth and evolution of immuno-oncology first hand.  The amount of

NGPS brings Proteins Back on the Map

Los Angeles, CA March 2, 2020 – This morning, Quantum Si introduced a potentially highly disruptive instrument, an equivalent to NGS for high-throughput protein sequencing. The company is part of

How KKR Made a ~3x Return in 4 Years by Investing in Research Tools

  KKR made headlines late last year with the exit of their investment in LGC Group, a UK-based biochemical standards and reagents provider. Sources say KKR acquired LGC in December