AGBT 2020: DeciBio Highlights – Spatial Profiling Reloaded & MGI Unleashed

Marco Island, FL February 27, 2020 – AGBT’s 20th Anniversary didn’t disappoint, with many provocative sessions and product launches. In many ways, #AGBT20 mirrored the #AGBT19 vintage! This year, however,

Pulse Survey: Adoption and Utilization of Next Generation Cancer Biomarkers

The way cancer is diagnosed, treated, and monitored is changing more rapidly than ever. In 2019, we expect there to be catalysts that fundamentally change cancer companion diagnostic biomarker testing (i.e.,

ASHG 2018: DeciBio Highlights

We made a brief appearance at ASHG this year. Given the time constraint, we unfortunately did not get a chance to attend any sessions; however, walking through the exhibit hall

Highlights from AGBT 2018

Single Cell Genomics and 10x Genomics Top the List We attended the AGBT main conference this week. At a high level, we made several observations largely shared by attendees: First, single

Visualizing AGBT Precision Health Abstracts

This year, we developed an abstract visualization tool for the AGBT Precision Health conference in AZ, available here. This tool enables users to take a deep dive into the 60

Life Science Research Tools Market Growth Driven by Biopharma and Applied Markets

Today, we published the 4th edition of our Life Science Research Tools (LSRT) market report.  We forecast that the life science research tools market will reach $52B in 2017, and

NGS Manufacturer Market to Face Headwinds

Today, we published the updated version of our NGS report. We forecast that the manufacturer market size will reach ~$3.2B in 2017, and grow at 12% p.a. to $4.6B in

Competitors Jostle for Share as Fluidigm Signals Deprioritization of Single-Cell Genomics

Los Angeles, CA May 31, 2017 – In Fluidigm’s Q1 2017 earnings call, Chris Linthwaite signaled the company’s deprioritization of single cell genomics; “C1 customers are very important to us.

Three Reasons Why Alphabet (Google) Can Dominate Healthcare

Los Angeles, CA September 6, 2016 – Silicon Valley’s recent obsession with Healthcare is understandable. Who doesn’t love a multi-trillion-dollar inefficient, archaic but recession proof industry? VC funding in healthcare