Client Result

Minimal Residual Disease (MRD) Application Prioritization and Evidence Generation Strategy

Project Overview

A leader in ctDNA testing was interested in investigating the opportunity for their assay to support treatment decision-making in 2 tumor types of interest (including 6 cancer subtypes)

DeciBio Approach

Secondary Research

  • Used NCCN guidelines to create graphics that depict the current treatment flows/regimens for patients with our 2 cancer types of interest, including details at the level of stage and prior lines of therapy; Compiled clinical literature investigating the utility of MRD testing in cancers of interest

Primary Research

  • Conducted 30 in-depth interviews with oncologists / specialists who regularly treat cancer patients of interest and can speak to unmet needs in treatment decision-making; included a mix of participants from academic and community sites and varying levels of familiarity with ctDNA testing; interviews involved a high level of technical detail regarding cancer treatment workflows and therapeutic options  

Quantitative Analysis

  • Categorized all interviewees into 4 personas/buckets related to their readiness of adoption (based on familiarity with technology and degree of evidentiary requirements) to approximate the size of the early adopters market
At a glance
Stakeholders Interviewed
Cancer Subtypes Evaluated for Opportunities
Applications / Opportunities Identified


  • identified 7 opportunities across the 2 cancers of interest and ranked the opportunities based on a combined consideration of market opportunity, clinical unmet need, and ease of satisfying evidentiary requirements
  • gathered interviewee feedback on several relevant clinical trial publications and presented interviewee-proposed trials that would address gaps in existing evidence
  • proposed stepwise strategies for each cancer of interest, including opportunities to synergize with existing product offerings and physician channels

Geographic Scope


Clinical Diagnostics


Application Identification

Go-to-Market Strategy

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