Strategy Consulting for Health Technology

With recent advances in artificial intelligence, machine learning, health-related wearables, consumer health apps, and a swelling reservoir of health-related data, health technology is undergoing a technological and market transformation. DeciBio has the experience and expertise needed to assess how these trends and developments will disrupt existing markets and translate into new opportunities.

Who We Work With

We offer healthcare technology consulting services to healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, IT software companies, and other stakeholders in the industry.

Why Partner With Us

Our industry veterans combine industry expertise, in-depth knowledge of our comprehensive network of research tools KOLs, and technology developers and evaluators to determine complete, specific, and actionable solutions for health technology firms.

Areas of expertise within the healthcare technology market include:

  • Clinical decision support systems
  • Digital health
  • Healthcare / laboratory informatics
  • Healthcare and artificial intelligence
  • Healthcare and machine learning
  • Consumer genetics
  • Digital pathology


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