Life Science Research Tools Market Intelligence & Strategy

The pace of innovation in life science research continues to accelerate. DeciBio’s strategic consulting services enable life science research tools firms to successfully navigate industry forces and drive innovation by helping them analyze the technological and competitive landscape, evaluate new products and technologies, develop market forecasts, quantify strategic opportunities, and craft overall business strategies.

Who We Work With

We provide life science research tools manufacturers, research labs, and other stakeholders in the industry with comprehensive market intelligence and strategic insights.

Why Partner With Us

At DeciBio, we call on our vast industry experience, knowledge of our comprehensive network of research tools KOLs, and technology developers and evaluators to develop comprehensive, specific, and actionable solutions for life science research firms.

Areas of expertise within the research tools market include:

  • Genomics technologies (e.g., Next generation sequencing, third generation sequencing, qPCR, microarrays, CE sequencing)
  • Genomics applications and methodologies (e.g., single-cell genomics)
  • Emerging research tools and approaches (e.g., CRISPR, nanopore sequencing, liquid biopsies, multiplex biomarker analysis, imaging mass cytometry)
  • Imaging technologies (e.g., IHC, FISH)
  • Multiplex technologies (e.g., mass cytometry, mass spectrometry, multiplex-IHC)
  • Research tools customer applications:
    • Oncology, immuno-oncology
    • Infectious disease
    • Metagenomics / microbiome
    • Neurodegenerative disorders
    • Rare / inherited disease
    • Epigenetics
    • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis / screening
    • Non-invasive prenatal testing
    • Cell-free DNA
    • Circulating tumor cells


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