The DeciBio Immuno-Oncology Biomarker Analysis Platform (I/O BioMAP) is a dynamic, interactive database of biomarkers for cancer immunotherapies in clinical trials.


This database aggregates information about immuno-oncology biomarkers from clinical trials, including data about assay technology, sample type, biomarker purpose, trial sponsor, and many other parameters.  The tool is updated with data from new trials at least quarterly to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date picture of the immuno-oncology biomarker landscape possible. The I/O BioMAP can also be customized to incorporate proprietary clinical trial datasets.

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Product Specifics

We conduct an extensive keyword analysis to identify open or active biomarker-containing I/O clinical trials within clinicaltrials.gov. We use a combination of automated and manual data extraction techniques, leveraging a team of experienced cancer researchers, to capture as much biomarker information as possible from the trials

The BioMAP consists of a Tableau™ data visualization tool containing various “dashboards” that enable dynamic and granular data analysis by biomarker, technology, sample type, sponsor, and indication

Key use cases of the I/O BioMAPinclude competitive intelligence and portfolio planning; DeciBiocan also supplement the BioMAPwith additional secondary and/or primary research to support broader strategy needs

Access to the BioMAP is provided via Tableau Online, a cloud-based data visualization program; the BioMAP can also be provided as a packaged workbook for viewing with the Desktop Tableau Reader

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