DeciBio DxBooks

Three high-quality datasets to suit your needs

Trusted for years by industry leaders, the DeciBio DxBooks contain detailed and comprehensive data on laboratory testing practices across the United States. Our data is collected to the highest standards to help you accurately understand laboratory molecular testing behaviors across numerous indications.

Contact [email protected] today to learn how our offerings in infectious disease, oncology, or our new SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus database can answer your key questions.

Data collected includes:

  • Testing volumes by disease target
  • Platforms, reagents, and kits used for each target
  • Targets included in panels
  • Total platform install base by institution
  • Institutional characteristics (lab type, hospital bed count, etc.)
  • Send-out testing volumes
  • Interest in changing platforms or vendors
  • Additional qualitative insights about key trends in test adoption

Available DxBooks

Infectious Disease Database containing molecular testing data for 32 analytes across 1,000 U.S. laboratories

Oncology Database containing molecular testing data for oncology targets across 1,000 U.S. laboratories

NEW: SARS-CoV-2 Database containing data on coronavirus diagnostic and antibody testing for ~400 U.S. hospital laboratories

Tableau Database Viewer

Our Tableau Database Viewer provides pre-built visualizations for easy data querying and slicing. The viewer supports creating presentation-quality charts in the browser using an intuitive graphical interface, and allows export to Excel for further analysis. All data is also provided in Excel format.

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