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Spatial Omics Landscape Analysis in Collaboration with the Center for Integrated Diagnostics

January 18, 2022
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Over the summer and fall of 2021, Max Jorgensen, Senior Associate & MarketBook Manager at DeciBio, collaborated with members of the team at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Integrated Diagnostics (CID) to create a resource for researchers interested in spatial omics technologies, allowing individuals to compare the platforms against each other. Prior to the inception of this project, the various capabilities of these platforms were difficult to ascertain, and the team at CID and DeciBio hope this will help researchers decide on the platforms which best suit their applications.

Shown below is a combination of the figures shown in the white paper (Fig. 1), showing platforms’ plex and resolution capabilities in addition to the estimated cost-per-analyte-per-sample*. As discussed on the CID’s page, these platforms have historically required a tradeoff between high plex and high resolution, with researchers able to achieve one or the other, but not both. Inventors and companies have actively worked to chip away at this dichotomy and get closer to the “Optimal Corner” highlighted in Figure 1 for RUO and discovery purposes. For additional discussion on the platforms covered and a look at what an optimized, future clinical workflow could look like as spatial omics evolves, visit the CID’s content page.

Figure 1: A 3-dimensional highlighting the plex, resolution, and cost-per-analyte-per-sample of commercialized spatial omics technologies**. The optimal corner is highlighted with the “Optimal Corner” datapoint, shown as the darkest marker. Note: GeoMx DSP’s maximum resolution of 10 μm is shown, but protocols using an ROI resolution of 50 μm are recommended; GeoMx DSP’s cost per analyte per sample reflects the cost of protein targets, cost of RNA targets is in-line with the cost of Visium; Visium and the GeoMx DSP are capable of detecting the whole transcriptome, and plex is listed as 23,000 to reflect this capability in the plot.


* Cost-per-analyte-per-sample was estimated and confirmed with company representatives when possible. These estimates we recreated by taking the total cost of a single run of the instrument at maximum advertised plex and dividing by the plex.

** Data was collected during August andSeptember 2021 and may not be reflective of the most recent product announcements

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