I/O BioMAP – Immuno-Oncology Biomarker Analysis Platform

I/O BioMAP – Immuno-Oncology Biomarker Analysis Platform

The DeciBio Immuno-Oncology Biomarker Analysis Platform (I/O BioMAP) is a dynamic, interactive database of biomarkers for cancer immunotherapies in clinical trials.  This database aggregates information about immuno-oncology biomarkers from clinical trials, including data about assay technology, sample type, biomarker purpose, trial sponsor, and many other parameters.  The tool is updated with data from new trials at least quarterly to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date picture of the immuno-oncology biomarker landscape possible. The I/O BioMAP can also be customized to incorporate proprietary clinical trial datasets.


Author: Andrew Aijian

  • Abstract

    Product Workflow

    We conduct an extensive keyword analysis to identify open or active biomarker-containing I/O clinical trials within clinicaltrials.gov

    We use a combination of automated and manual data extraction techniques, leveraging a team of experienced cancer researchers, to capture as much biomarker information as possible from the trials

    The data is visualized and segmented across several dashboards to enable rapid exploratory trend analysis

  • Key Use-Cases

    • Stay up to speed on competitor biomarker strategies, clinical trial activity, technology utilization, and combination therapy strategies
    • Identify potential gaps in biomarker strategy
    • Identify new potential markers being explored for your drugs by academic and research institutions

    • Target potential pharma customers
    • Anticipate the assays, technologies, and sample type requirements potential pharma partners will need for cancer immunotherapy trials
    • Prioritize immuno-oncology service offerings

    • Identify potential up-and-coming assays to offer to your patients and customers
    • Prioritize your assay development roadmap
    • Identify tools and technologies that may be needed for future diagnostics offerings

    • Identify markers that might become clinically relevant diagnostic opportunities
    • Discover genes / proteins to add to your existing panels
    • Prioritize your assay development roadmap
    • Identify potential research and/or commercial partners for CDx development
    • Inform technology strategy

  • Dashboard Demo

    The BioMAP is an interactive database.  The videos below shows how users can segment and filter the biomarker data in a dynamic and granular fashion.


    Check out our blog post here for some highlights and takeaways from our analysis of the BioMAP data.

  • License and Pricing

    Access to the I/O BioMAP is provided as a global license, allowing anyone from a customer organization to access the tool.  The tool is made available on the cloud via Tableau Online; a local version of the Tableau file can also be provided for those with access to Tableau and/or the Tableau reader.  Pricing for the I/O BioMAP ranges from $2,500 – $45,000 annually, depending on the organization size, the number of dashboards desired, and the desired update frequency.  Please click on the “Request Pricing” button above to see the pricing options for your organization.

  • Sample Insights


    Diagnostic Biomarkers for Cancer Immunotherapy – Updated Jan.2017


    Immuno-Oncology Summit Takeaways – Immuno-Oncology Biomarkers 2.0

  • Table of Contents

Lead Author | Andrew Aijian, PhD

At DeciBio, Dr. Aijian has worked on several engagements, covering all types of therapeutic areas and diagnostic technologies. In these projects, Andrew has lead extensive secondary and primary research campaigns, developed bottom-up and top-down market models, constructed NPV forecasts, and evaluated customer feedback and market potential for client product profiles.

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