Meet us at ASCO 2018

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Stephane Budel

Stephane is a partner at DeciBio Consulting with over 18 years of combined experience in life science business consulting, academic research and entrepreneurship. He specializes in helping companies commercialize novel and disruptive technologies in the life science research tools and diagnostic spaces. He has supported clients facing a broad range of challenging business issues, including product specification strategy and commercial due diligence. Connect with Stephane on LinkedIn.
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Mika Wang

Mika leads special projects at DeciBio with over 7 years of combined experience in strategy consulting, startups, and academic research. She specializes in developing scalable analytics products, including DeciBio’s liquid biopsy competitive intelligence tool which tracks over 100 companies in the space. Connect with Mika on LinkedIn.

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Colin Enderlein

Colin is a senior analyst at DeciBio Consulting with a background in industry CDx business development, tech transfer, and preclinical translational research. At DeciBio, Colin has been involved with several projects that incorporate customizable data visualization tools and coordinated campaigns to gain KOL and clinician perspectives on novel biomarkers in immuno-oncology. Connect with Colin on LinkedIn.