Clarity for today. Insights into tomorrow.

DeciBio is a niche market research and strategy consulting firm focused on the research tools, global clinical diagnostics, and medical device industries.

About Us  

Clarity for today. Insights into tomorrow

Our Market Intelligence Products

Market Data

Also known as our MarketBook, we provide data analytics & visualizations available for both the Genomics and Protemoics markets. We offer three different MarketBook products:

  • 1

    DeciBio MarketBook Suite

  • 2

    DeciBio Genomics MarketBook

  • 3

    DeciBio Proteomics MarketBook

Market Reports

Powered by the synthesis of available data, expert interviews and voice-of-customer research, we build rigorous, bottoms-up models for every key segment of the market. Our market reports are sought out by market insiders and outsiders alike for their accuracy, in-depth analysis and insights.

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Our Consulting Services


We know that many times your market research and business strategy needs go beyond core market reports. In these cases, DeciBio offers consulting services tailored to your specific and critical business questions.

DeciBio Consulting provides tailored consulting services to address your most challenging business issues. Because our staff is comprised of seasoned experts with relevant clinical, research, and industry work experience, we’re always ready to hit the ground running.

We focus on serving the Research Tools, Clinical Diagnostics, and Medical Devices industries internationally, with additional expertise in adjacent markets.

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