“DeciBions” are driven by intellectual curiosity, a commitment to excellence, and a shared passion for improving lives through life science technologies.
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Building Happiness
at Work

A focus on team happiness and leveraging businesses for social change sets DeciBio's culture apart.
Meet our Team
DeciBio was founded on the belief that work lives and personal lives should boost each other, rather than exist in tension. We enjoy a work environment that is filled with uproarious laughter, debates such as "what is a sandwich?," and team bonding opportunities. Since team happiness goals are included in DeciBio's annual OKRs, we collect happiness feedback monthly. We also collect detailed firm wide feedback biannually.

In particular, DeciBio’s management has a track record of leveraging businesses as a vehicle for social change. Our Management team is focused on building a unique and sustainable culture. In doing so, we proactively strive to support team members’ happiness and harmony at an individualized and community level.
Example Support Systems
Women* in Consulting
Women* In Consulting provides a safe space for DeciBions to explore challenges faced by women and gender minorities in the workplace, celebrate all that’s special about being a woman or gender minority, and support each other towards becoming successful role models. In doing so, this group meets monthly and regularly hosts speakers, discussions, and other events for the entire firm.
Queers in Consulting
DeciBio’s management has a track record of leveraging businesses as a vehicle for social change. Queers in Consulting strives to provide a support system and safe space for those in the LGBTQ+ community. They foster and encourage allyship and aim to host an annual firm wide event.
Impact Lab
Many DeciBions are eager to improve the public good by expanding access to healthcare. ImpactLab makes strategy consulting accessible to early-stage start-ups that expand access, equity, and inclusion. In doing so, we hope to empower innovations that improve medicine for all patients.Disrupting precision medicine requires investing in innovation that expands access, equity, and inclusion.

Social Responsibility Board

Our engaged Corporate Social Responsibility Board works collaboratively across all divisions of DeciBio

DeciBio's Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our principles
Firstly, we believe that all DeciBions should continuously educate themselves on systemic racism and take action. Secondly, we recognize the importance of identifying and uprooting biases and discrimination within our organization. Finally, we challenge the precision medicine industry to be unbiased and non-discriminatory. These principles serve as the foundation of our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Our Approach
This Board identifies, prioritizes, and effectuates OKRs that aim to improve DEI, environmental sustainability, and the public good within our sphere of influence. Example outcomes include: launching ImpactLab, overhauling our recruiting process, hosting dozens of mind-opening presentations, increasing our DEI-related published content and volunteering efforts, and committing to offsetting our firm’s carbon footprint.
Team Involvement
This Board is composed of nearly half our team, and each member holds oversight responsibilities of some kind. Additional participants engage with the Board and contribute to its mission, for example via hosting and attending informative brown bag lunch sessions.
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