Make Critical Decisions with the Right Intelligence

Our mission is to provide market intelligence and strategic insights that drive disruption and
innovation in the precision medicine and life science industry.

Life Science Consulting Services

Your most challenging business questions require a customized solution. DeciBio Consulting provides tailored life science consulting services from industry veterans who have relevant clinical, research, and industry work experience.

Life Science Market Intelligence

Excel in a complex, competitive market with trusted market intelligence products and reports. Our carefully researched products give you the data needed to thoroughly assess key markets and segments and to identify opportunities for future growth.

The DeciBio Difference

We thrive in markets requiring the unique combination of deep scientific understanding and business insights.


100% of our cases focus on clinical diagnostics, research tools, and health technology markets.


70% of our consulting projects involve a global research perspective.


More than 50% of our team has an advanced degree in a life science field.


25% of our projects are supported by insights generated by big data analytics.

What our clients are saying...

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strategic guidance that DeciBio possesses.