Consulting Interview

The process
  • Our process typically includes one or two rounds of case interviews plus one final round interview. 
  • Candidates should receive the Hiring Committee's decision within two weeks of any interview.
  • By the end of the process, less than one percent of candidates receive offers.

Case interview screens. First round interviews typically take place via a one-way video platform.  This platform helps us standardize our case processes more objectively (and thus fairly).  It also provides efficiencies that enables our boutique firm to interview a larger and broader pool of talent.  Other case interviews will take place via web conference.

All screening interviews will include a case interview as well as behavioral questions.  Note that the interviewer often takes copious notes, to inform the Hiring Committee's evaluation.

Final round interviews. Final round candidates will (i) make a case presentation to the Hiring Committee and (ii) meet additional team members and/or Partners. 

For candidates with less consulting experience, the final round case presentation will cover a 3+ hour “case simulation” exercise that the candidate completes during the final round interview day.  For candidates with more consulting experience, the final round case presentation will cover the take-home assignment that the candidate completed in their own time, before the interview day.

Casing tips
Our Criteria

Our increasingly-selective hiring process selects interesting, team-oriented, and dynamic unicorns to improve our culture. Rather than hire for "fit," we believe that the following six criteria constitute the "energy" that unites all of us DeciBions. We discovered these six criteria by studying the attributes that correlate with success at our firm.


A natural finesse with respect to the various intangibles of life.
You can read minds!


Street smarts.
You simply "get it."


Mental quickness and explosiveness.
You can pivot on a dime, devil's advocate, float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee.


Breadth of thought.
You are explosively creative.


Depth of thought, including air-tight logic.
You are devoted to "the story."

Bridge building.

Proactive communication skills.  
You build connections with others.

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