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Candidates will experience up to three rounds of remote interviews plus one final round meet & greet (at our HQ).  For consulting candidates, the first three rounds are largely case-based but also include Q&A and behavioral elements.The Hiring Committee strives to deliver a decision within two weeks of any completed interview.By the end of the process, less than one percent of candidates receive offers.
Rounds Highlights
1st Round
First round consulting interviews take place via a one-way video platform.  This platform helps us standardize our case processes more objectively (and thus fairly).  It also provides efficiencies that enable our boutique firm to interview a larger and broader pool of talent.  First round interviews for other roles may instead include a live interview (held remotely, via web conference).
2nd Round
Second round interviews will take place live (remotely, via web conference), with a member of the applicable team or a Management team member.
3rd Round
All candidates will make a presentation to the Hiring Committee in charge of the applicable role. For consulting Analyst through Manager candidates, this presentation is the culmination of a 3+ hour "case simulation" exercise and typically takes place on Fridays. For more experienced Consultants, this presentation may be the culmination of a take-home exercise. Candidates for our other divisions will typically also make a presentation that relates to the job duties for the applicable role.
Final ROund
Final Round interviews represent a valuable opportunity for candidates to obtain a first-hand sense of our team and work culture at our headquarters in Los Angeles. Final round candidates meet Management Team members, team members from the applicable division, and the broader team via meetings, lunch or happy hour, and "coffee walks." These interviews typically take place on Thursdays. Within reason, DeciBio also sponsors and coordinates flights and a hotel night for Final Round candidates who are based outside of Southern California.
FYI & Tips
  • During time periods when we are able to expedite our process, we may skip 1st Round interviews and advance qualified applicants directly to 2nd Rounds.
  • Note that our interviewers may take copious notes, especially during case interviews, to inform the Hiring Committee's evaluation.
  • For the consulting track, at least 25% of applicants are invited to 1st Round, approximately 20% of 1st Round candidates advance to 2nd Round, 33% of 2nd Round candidates advance to 3rd Round, 50% of 3rd Round candidates advance to Final Round, and 66% of Final Round candidates receive offers.

Casing Tips

  • Understand market sizing and be comfortable with ambiguity.
  • Think for yourself, using your own street smarts, rather than regurgitate canned frameworks or worry about what you think we will want you to say. There is no "right" or "wrong" answer.
  • Efficiently drive to the crux of the matter. Address the question asked and in an organized manner.

Our Criteria

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A natural finesse with respect to the various intangibles of life.You can read minds!
Street smarts.
You simply "get it."
Mental quickness and explosiveness.
You can pivot on a dime, devil's advocate, float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee
Breadth of thought.
You are explosively creative, and brainstorming energizes you with joy.
Depth of thought, including air-tight logic.
You are devoted to "the story."
Bridge building
Proactive communication skills.
You build connections with others.
To support these attributes with boundless passion for our work, the DeciBiome, and our industry, we also look for Hunger.
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