Why DeciBio?

“DeciBions” are driven by intellectual curiosity, a commitment to excellence, and a shared passion for improving lives through life science technologies.

DeciBio Difference

We are united by the "DeciBionic" energy that drives us to transform and understand the precision medicine space
Our team of life science consultants is multi-faceted. Yet, we’re united by the "DeciBionic" energy that drives us to transform and understand the precision medicine space.  We are genuinely passionate about understanding the markets, applications, and strategies for the latest life science innovations.While we embrace the challenges and rigor of life science consulting, we thrive on the camaraderie and energy of our team. We regularly host team-building activities and laugh throughout the day. Ultimately, we believe that an empowered team is the key to our success.

Our Benefits


We offer a 401(k) plan with various options. We also contribute non-elective contributions to employees' accounts.

Competitive Compensation

We strive to offer compensation that is competitive with firms of similar size and competitiveness.

We strive to maintain rewarding work-life Harmony:

  • "Owner PTO" model provides you with autonomy to take PTO like an owner would, while fulfilling your responsibilities to your team
  • 9 Holidays (including your birthday); Additional office closures (e.g., DeciBio often closes during the week preceding New Year's Day, etc.)
  • 50-60 hour workweek goal

Parental Support

We strive to provide as much support and flexibility as a competitive small firm can:

  • Our parental leave policies are as egalitarian as feasible.
  • Qualified employees receive paid leave for the first 12 weeks of their new parent leave and the first 4 weeks of their pre-natal pregnancy disability leave, when applicable.
  • DeciBio's management will work with new parents to create customized support plans and increase flexibility.

Employees receive access to multiple insurance policies:

  • DeciBio sponsors medical, dental, and vision insurance plans.
  • All employees are covered by short-term disability, long-term disability, and life insurance policies.

Our management team is committed to supporting all team members as they "write their own story" at DeciBio:

  • Opportunity. Since our founding, we've supported our team members in pursuit of their personal passions. For example, team members' careers have crossed or straddled various divisions of our firm — to the extent that some who started on the consulting team are now managing and developing software products. Similarly, other team members have established new consulting verticals for us, within the precision medicine umbrella.
  • Mentorship. All team members are paired with a career mentor, who helps the team member navigate DeciBio and their career in general.  We support these friendships by sponsoring monthly lunches and other opportunities. Additionally, the senior team generally operates under an open door policy. For example, team members of any tenure regularly take Partners on coffee chats and socialize with senior team members at our various social events. Team members are eager to befriend new teammates and help new hires acclimate to our firm and our work.
  • Intrapreneurship Program. Our consultants perpetually enjoy new challenges and learning opportunities within the precision medicine space.  Thus, we sponsor opportunities for our team members to explore an external passion project or externship every three years. Ideally, these opportunities take place in a new travel locale for the intrapreneurial participant explore.
  • Professional Development Budget. Team members receive an annual professional development budget. Team members often use this budget towards attending and traveling to conferences of interest, conducting thought leadership content, purchasing additional training materials, or receiving specialized coaching.

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