Cell Line Market 5-Year Forecast

Research Tools
Stakeholder Interviews
Publications Analyzed
Market Model Segments
Project Details
Voice-of-Customer Research


A large life science tools provider was interested in characterizing the genome engineering and engineered cell line market to identify potential opportunities to participate in the space

Our Approach

Secondary Research
  • Analyzed 300 peer-reviewed publications to characterize current and historical trends in genome engineering technologies for various applications
  • Analyzed 100 NIH grant applications to determine forward-looking view on technology usage and application splits
‍Primary Research
  • Conducted 20 in-depth stakeholder interviews across academia, biopharma and commercial vendors to understand key trends, unmet needs, and spend in genetic engineering and engineered cells lines
Quantitative Analysis
  • Built a bottoms-up model estimating the genetic engineering and engineered cell line markets across 9 segments
  • Segments included geography, technology, customer type, throughput, product, application, and competitor


Estimated opportunity for genetic engineering and engineered cell line market (5-year forecast). Identified potential opportunities and product offerings for the client and the differences in customer requirements

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