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Decibio Analytics launches inaugural NGS Oncology DxBook

August 29, 2022
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DeciBio Analytics is excited to announce the launch of the NGS Oncology DxBook, the fourth data product in our line of clinical diagnostics DxBooks. The NGS Oncology DxBook provides detailed insights into 50 U.S. labs’ clinical NGS testing. This new database includes comprehensive information about each lab’s NGS infrastructure, volumes, clinical use cases, and future plans.


The NGS Oncology DxBook is intended to answer numerous key strategic and tactical questions, such as:

  • What proportion of NGS testing is performed on solid vs liquid tissue?
  • How many genes, on average, do labs test for in their NGS panels?
  • Do clinical labs prefer certain reagents for certain panels? 
  • What proportion of labs perform IVD vs LDT NGS panels?
  • Which market segments are most likely to adopt a commercial solution for data analysis, as opposed to developing an in-house pipeline?
  • Which labs are looking to adopt new instruments, new panels, or bring send-out testing in-house in the next 12 months?
  • What are the most common cancer indications in a solid tumor panel?

The following sample lab profile paints the picture of an institution’s NGS testing using our database and highlights the level of detail included in our new DxBook.


Institution Demographics and Testing

  • Size: Medium Hospital (200-399 beds)
  • Geography: Northeast
  • Certifications: CLIA & CAP
  • In-house NGS testing: Solid Tumor Panel and Hematologic Malignancy Comprehensive Panel
  • Send-out NGS testing: N/A


Institution Install Base

  • NGS Instruments: 1 Illumina MiSeqDx
  • Plans to discontinue instruments: None
  • Plans to adopt new instruments: Illumina NextSeq and Ion Torrent Genexus


In-house NGS Panel 1: Solid Tumor Panel

  • Genes measured: 68 genes
  • Genes clinically reported: 67 genes
  • Cancer indications: Breast, prostate, colorectal, lung, ovarian, and skin cancers
  • Uses other than therapy selection: Treatment and recurrence monitoring
  • Annual Volume: 200 panels, 1 batch per week with an average of 6 samples
  • Projected Annual Volume in 3 years: 400 panels


In-house NGS Panel 2: Hematologic Malignancy Comprehensive Panel

  • Genes measured: 75 genes
  • Genes clinically reported: up to 75 genes
  • Cancer indications: Leukemia and lymphoma
  • Uses other than therapy selection: Diagnosis, treatment, and recurrence monitoring
  • Annual Volume: 560 panels, 1 batch per week with an average of 10 samples
  • Projected Annual Volume in 3 years: 560 panels


Additionally, the NGS Oncology DxBook provides complete end-to-end coverage of institutions’ NGS testing workflow. The graphic below depicts the sample lab’s workflow for its solid tumor panel.

Figure 1. Comprehensive coverage of an example lab’s workflow found in our NGS Oncology DxBook

The NGS Oncology DxBook provides value for companies involved across the NGS workflow to inform strategic and marketing decisions. This data can support market modeling, direct sales initiatives, competitive intelligence / benchmarking, insights into market segmentation and growth, and more. The DxBooks team will refresh the data annually in order to track trends in the NGS testing market. To learn more about the NGS Oncology DxBook, please contact us at


Disclaimer: Companies listed above may be DeciBio clients and/or customers. The sample lab profile may not represent a specific institution.

Rishikesh Kayathi
Senior Analyst
Julia Daniel
Senior Product Manager
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