DeciBio Consulting Announces Debut Venture Fund, DeciBio Ventures, to Support Ground-Breaking Precision Medicine Companies

December 15, 2021
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DeciBio Consulting, LLC, a precision medicine-focused strategy consulting and market intelligence firm, has launched DeciBio Ventures. This venture capital and creation firm invests in and supports ground-breaking companies in the precision medicine space.

"We believe that technological improvements will drive the precision medicine revolution. Funding the most innovative companies in precision medicine is another step for us to help accelerate burgeoning advancements to improve human health," stated DeciBio Consulting's Co-Founder Stephane Budel, Ph.D. "At DeciBio, we have always differentiated ourselves by our depth of expertise and close ties with industry players. With consulting services, data analytics and products, software products, and now venture capital, DeciBio is poised to support various stages in the commercialization journey.  

In line with DeciBio Consulting's mission to accelerate precision medicine advancements, DeciBio Ventures aims to invest in start-ups across both tools and therapeutics. Portfolio companies will be able to leverage DeciBio Analytics' novel products, solutions, and services to gain differentiated, market-level insights.

"We continue to look for ways to support early-stage companies that are advancing precision medicine. DeciBio Ventures is the next step in that pursuit and represents another layer of support to help these companies commercialize the technologies that will drive future waves of innovation," added Miguel Edwards, Ph.D.

"DeciBio Ventures codifies our engagement and collaboration with pioneering early-stage companies transforming precision medicine and provides a strategic edge to these companies to ask bolder questions and seize on fertile, untapped science to tackle the most critical challenges in healthcare for patients," added Carl Schoellhammer, Ph.D.

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