DeciBio Consulting goes carbon neutral

November 2, 2021
DeciBio News

DeciBio Consulting, the leading precision medicine strategy consulting firm, will become carbon neutral in 2022. Though DeciBio has a relatively small carbon footprint, it generates carbon emissions due to its two offices (in Los Angeles and the Bay Area), airline travel, commuting, and other operations.

As stated by co-founder David Cavanaugh, "I have always believed that companies can be agents of positive social change, often ahead of governments and other organizations. Climate change due to carbon emissions is wreaking havoc on the planet and humankind. Thus, we must act quickly to understand and reflect upon our impact as well as actively contribute to environmental restoration. We urge our clients and peer organizations to join us in this important first step."

To help accomplish this carbon neutral goal, DeciBio is partnering with My Forest Armenia (MFA), a nonprofit organization that plants trees and funds scientific research. DeciBio selected MFA due to their:

1)    Commitment to planting and nurturing trees – versus merely planting seeds
2)    Full allocation of funds to reforestation – MFA covers all administrative costs
3)    Scientific approach and team – which includes 2 PhDs

Andre Gumuchdjian, Founder of MFA, stated, "I am very happy with DeciBio's decision and long-term commitment; people need to urgently understand the crucial importance of forests. From providing oxygen to ensuring a steady supply of fresh water, forests are indispensible for sustaining human life."

Through MFA, DeciBio will plant thousands of trees in a DeciBio dedicated forest, starting in late 2021. These trees will remove CO2 from the air, release three times more oxygen than CO2 captured, help lower global air temperatures, prevent soil erosion, and increase biodiversity.

"While DeciBio helps drive cutting edge changes in precision medicine, environmental determinants of health will continue to disproportionately impact some communities more than others. Fighting for a more sustainable world helps to ensure a future with more equitable health outcomes. I'm proud DeciBio is acting on its ability to be part of the solution," said Mané Mikayelyan, a consultant at DeciBio.

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