Oncology Clinical Trial Timeline

August 25, 2021
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We know how hard it can be to stay up to date on clinical trial activity, particularly in fast-moving fields like immuno-oncology. To this end, we're developing a clinical trial tracker for monitoring clinical trial activity of interest. Here is demo version capturing data from all oncology trials in clinicaltrials.gov (as of 2/28). We will refresh the data feed on a weekly basis. If you have any comments or feedback on data or functionality that we can add to make this tool more useful, please feel free to shoot me an email.To use the tool, click on the filter buttons in the control panel or the quick filters, to filter the list of trials shown in the table. You can also do a free text search by typing in a search term into the search boxes in the upper-right corner of the tool. Clicking on an individual NCT number in the table will bring up additional information about that trial.We plan to refresh the data in this tool on a weekly basis, so check back regularly to track new trials and updates to existing trials.We are always looking to develop better life science market research data tools, so we welcome any feedback you may have.

Author | Andrew Aijian

Linkedin | aijian@decibio.com

Andrew Aijian

Andrew Aijian is a Sr. Project Leader at DeciBio Consulting with expertise in the immuno-oncology, companion diagnostics, and molecular diagnostics markets. Andrew leads in a wide variety of consulting engagements in these markets, including market sizing, competitive landscape assessment, product strategy, and commercial due diligence. Connect with him on LinkedIn.Contact Andrew and the DeciBio team to get the insights you need to accelerate innovation in your market.

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