Visualizing AGBT Precision Health Abstracts

August 25, 2021
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This year, we developed an abstract visualization tool for the AGBT Precision Health conference in AZ, available here. This tool enables users to take a deep dive into the 60 abstracts to better understand what have been the focus of the conference from this perspective.Here is a summary of some statistics and observations:

  • NGS was the technology of choice, used in 76% of abstracts
  • 58% of abstracts targeted clinical applications; we estimate that in 2017, clinical customers will reach $1.1B to represent about a third of the NGS manufacturer market
  • 33% of abstracts focused on oncology; we estimate that in 2017, oncology will reach $1.2B to represent 35-40% of the NGS manufacturer market Oncology and most specifically clinical oncology is expected to grow faster than the overall market, driven by the uptake of liquid biopsies in clinical trials and clinical diagnostics (where reimbursements continue to improve slowly), and use of MSI and TMB in immuno-oncology
  • 27 companies were cited, with the top five being Illumina (13 mentions), ThermoFisher (3), 10 X Genomics (2), NanoString (2) and Fabric Genomics (2)

Feel free to reach out to us to request a copy of the poster we presented at the conference.---

Author: Stephane Budel, Partner at DeciBio ConsultingCo-Author: Mika Wang, Sr. Director of Special Projects at DeciBio ConsultingCo-Author: Pranay Madan, Sr. Manager of Data Products at DeciBio ConsultingConnect with Stephane Budel on Google+ or Linkedin Companies listed above may be DeciBio Consulting clients and/or customers

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