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Worldwide Liquid Biopsy (LBx) Market Forecasted to Grow at 46% p.a., Reaching $8.6B by 2027 – Market Report by DeciBio Consulting LLC

October 19, 2022
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Worldwide Liquid Biopsy (LBx) market forecasted to grow at 46% p.a., reaching $8.6B by 2027 – Market Report by DeciBio Consulting LLC


Los Angeles, CA
October 18, 2022 

According to a comprehensive market report authored by DeciBio Consulting LLC, “Oncology Liquid Biopsy (LBx) Market Report 2022 – 2027,” the global oncology liquid biopsy market, driven by growth in new applications – primarily minimum residual disease (MRD) testing, serial monitoring, and early cancer detection – is predicted to reach $8.6B by 2027.

This second-edition of DeciBio’s liquid biopsy report takes an updated and comprehensive look at the Liquid Biopsy (LBx) landscape. Informed by a combination of primary research, secondary research, and proprietary DeciBio databases and tools, this report provides a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the key LBx market segments.  

Historically, liquid biopsies have largely been used for genomic profiling and therapy selection. However, now, liquid biopsies are finding new applications throughout the patient journey and within pharma research.  

Compared to tissue samples, liquid biopsies are less invasive, faster to process, and a more effective tool for biomarker testing, especially when tissue is unavailable and/or when serial testing is desired.  Liquid Biopsies can be used to detect the earliest signs of cancer – supplementing existing screening methods and providing a new screening option for many cancers without any screening protocols.  Liquid biopsies are experiencing a rapid uptake in oncology care, driven by technological advancements and increased clinical validation. And, further growth lies ahead.

Report Methodology / Scope:

Learn more about DeciBio’s Oncology Liquid Biopsy (LBx) Market Report 2022 – 2027, here:

Liquid Biopsy Companies Mentioned:

  • Adela
  • AmoyDx
  • Berry Oncology
  • Biological Dynamics
  • Burning Rock Biotech
  • C2i Genomics
  • Caris Life Sciences
  • DELFI Diagnostics
  • Exact Sciences
  • Epigenomics AG
  • Foresight Diagnostics
  • Foundation Medicine
  • Freenome
  • Geneseeq Technology Inc.
  • Genetron Holdings
  • Guardant Health
  • Illumina
  • Invitae (ArcherDx)
  • LabCorp / PGDx
  • Tempus
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Natera
  • NeoGenomics (Inivata)
  • Personalis
  • Predicine
  • Roche
  • SeekIn
  • Singlera Genomics
  • Strata Oncology

Liquid Biopsy Market Analysis:

Market Drivers

The increased clinical utility, commercial availability, regulatory approval, and (initial) reimbursement of blood-based MRD/monitoring and EDx assays will drive market growth – with the U.S. leading the way in novel applications like monitoring and early detection.  Increased access to and development of targeted therapeutics, especially ex-U.S., will lead to increased biomarker testing. This will put further demand on limited tissue samples, driving demand for LBx testing. Lastly, the availability of comprehensive “next-gen” LBx assays (e.g., those with WES/WTS, methylation analysis, etc.) will enable more advanced translational research and biomarker discovery efforts in pharma.

Market Moderators

Regulators, payors, and clinicians still consider tissue sampling as the gold standard for biomarker testing. Thus, there will need to be sufficient evidence to approve, cover, and adopt LBx into routine care.  Although LBx developers are continuously generating such evidence, changing the status quo takes time.  For example, large and lengthy clinical trials with subsequent outcomes data are needed to prove the value of LBx in many applications.  Lack of access to precision therapies in certain geographies moderates the need for liquid biopsy testing today. The adoption of LBx for therapy selection is potentially impacted in instances where tissue sampling is more readily available and there is a push for targeted therapies in earlier stages.  The price of LBx for therapy selection will experience pressure as competition increases.

About DeciBio:

DeciBio Consulting ( is the leading strategy consulting, market intelligence, and SaaS firm dedicated to accelerating the adoption and impact of technologies enabling precision medicine.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, DeciBio serves a global base of clients and customers, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 healthcare corporations. DeciBio offers advisory services for growth planning, market and opportunity assessment, product and portfolio strategy, voice-of-customer feedback, technology assessment, and commercial due diligence.


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