Worldwide Single Cell Analysis (SCA) market forecasted to grow at 13% p.a. over the next three years, reaching $1.7B by 2025 – Market Report by DeciBio Consulting LLC

February 14, 2023
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Los Angeles – According to a comprehensive market report authored by DeciBio Consulting LLC, Single-Cell Analysis (SCA): Market Size, Segmentation, Growth, Competition, and Trends (2019-2025), the global single-cell analysis market is predicted to reach $1.7B by 2025. This growth will be driven by expansion in new applications and offerings, such as FFPE-compatibility and instruments for low- and high-throughput customers.

This fifth edition of DeciBio’s single-cell analysis (SCA) report takes an updated and comprehensive look at the SCA landscape. Informed by a combination of primary research, secondary research, and proprietary DeciBio databases and tools, this report provides a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the key SCA market segments.  

Previous editions of this report have focused exclusively on single-cell genomics applications. However, as proteomic and multiomic single-cell applications have been increasingly commercialized and used, this edition of the report has expanded to cover proteomic and multiomic applications as well.

SCA approaches have rapidly gained traction, as they offer the ability to assess the biology of individual cells – compared to bulk analysis approaches that only provide one readout for an entire cell population. These approaches are uniquely positioned to revolutionize biology by shedding light on cellular heterogeneity, which has important implications across biology and diseases. Studies thus far have already provided important insights, and recent technical advances continue to help increase the study size and growth in this field.

Learn more about DeciBio’s Single Cell-Analysis Market Report Fifth Edition: Q1 2023

Single-Cell Analysis Companies Profiled:

  • 10x Genomics
  • BD
  • Berkeley Lights
  • Bio-Rad
  • Cellenion
  • Cell Microsystems
  • CellSorter
  • DeepCell
  • Dolomite Bio
  • Fluent Biosciences
  • Fluxion Biosciences
  • Honeycomb Biotechnologies
  • Illumina
  • IsoPlexis
  • Menarini Silicon Biosystems
  • MGI
  • Miltenyi Biotec
  • Mission Bio
  • Namocell
  • NanoCellect
  • Nanostring
  • Parse Biosciences
  • Qiagen
  • Singleron
  • Standard BioTools
  •  S2 Genomics
  • StemCell Technologies
  • Takara Bio

Single-Cell Analysis Market Analysis:

Market Drivers

  • New applications, namely multiomics approaches, are increasing utility – e.g.,10x Genomics driving additional applications (e.g., FFPE-compatibility) on a large and growing install base
  • Growth in biopharma utilization, where single-cell methods are used to support drug discovery; the advent of FFPE-compatible single-cell analysis allows biopharma to tap into archived samples
  • Newer offerings targeting both low-throughput and high-throughput customers are expanding the user base – e.g., 10x Genomics’ Chromium X/iX, Parse Biosciences’ Evercode
  • Falling sequencing costs are lowering the barrier for new users of SCA and allowing existing users to increase their throughput / scale of experiments

Market Moderators

  • High assay costs and associated sequencing costs limit adoption / throughput of users
  • Spatial-omics, another expensive research tool, might compete for spend with single-cell methods
  • Emerging instrument-free approaches (e.g., Parse, Fluent, Scale) might push the market towards less capital-intensive approaches / commoditization
  • Challenges in data analysis and data integration as throughput and data complexity grows
  • Limited short-term clinical applications (though cell therapy regulations could shift this)

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