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Data Analytics

Use it or lose it. If you’re not leveraging your data to extract insights on your customers and market, you’re falling behind. We’re here to help with bespoke data services.

Surveys / Trackers / ATUs

The precision medicine market is dynamic, and technological and clinical disruption can cause it to pivot on a dime. Track your markets closely, distinguish signal from noise, and respond accordingly.


Getting the right people in the room is one thing, asking the right questions is another story. DeciBio can do both. Maximize the insight and impact from your advisory boards with DeciBio.

Voice-of-Customer Research

Unbiased. Unfiltered. If you want to know what your current or potential customers think, and what motivates their behavior, then you’ve come to right place. No one gets more comprehensive and nuanced information from real-world life science stakeholders than we do. Period.

Pricing Strategy

Precise pricing is critical to realizing maximum adoption and market value. DeciBio takes a multi-pronged approach to triangulate optimal price points for your products and services.

Competitive Analysis

Find the signal in the noise. An avalanche of data, including from your competitors, is generated every day. Identifying the key information isn’t enough – you need to understand what it means for you and the market. We have the tools, but more importantly, the insight, to help.

Market Landscaping and Sizing

A winning strategy requires deep understanding of the size, growth, segmentation, competitive dynamics, and voice-of-customer in your markets. DeciBio has the qualitative and quantitative research and analysis capabilities to give you the insights you need.

Product Specification Mapping

Your product doesn’t need to be competitive today – it needs to be competitive in the years to come. We understand the constraints and tradeoffs that are required in product development, and how that impacts market opportunity. DeciBio has the qualitative and quantitative tools to ensure you develop the optimal product for your target customers.

Customer Segmentation

How does your product best meet the needs of your customers? With whom does your value proposition resonate most? Where are your best customers and how do you reach them? What drives customer decision-making? Let DeciBio find you the answers.

Due Diligence

Technology, market, customers, competitors, business model, regulatory strategy, reimbursement – in the life sciences, you need to go a level deeper to understand the attractiveness and positioning of your target investment. DeciBio can get you there.

Revenue Projection

No one can predict the future, but with the right research and analysis, you can understand the different market scenarios you may face. DeciBio takes a data-driven approach, considering customer demand and preference, product profile, competitive dynamics, regulation, and other market factors to inform your potential revenue scenarios.

Biomarker and Diagnostics Strategy

This is where precision medicine starts – whether you’re trying to find the right tools to uncover new biomarkers, identify CDx partners, launch an IVD, or understand how your assay will fit into the clinical journey, DeciBio has you covered. Nobody knows biomarkers and CDx better than DeciBio.

KOL Identification

Whether it’s a champion or a critic, insights from the right person will make all the difference. We can identify and connect you to the top, most influential minds in your space.

Novel Technology Commercialization

Blazing a trail isn’t easy, but that’s not why you’re doing it. Navigating strategy for novel technologies and creating new, uncharted markets requires creativity, innovation, and experience. We’re here to help.

Technology Application Identification

Your tech is going to change the world -- but how? DeciBio’s team of life scientists knows why and how your technology creates value, and we’ll help you find exactly where to focus to demonstrate that to customers and the broader market.

Patient / Diagnostic Journey Mapping

As the precision medicine technologies and treatments evolve, so does the patient journey. Understanding how your products and services fit into the patient journey, and the barriers or challenges you may face, is critical to realizing your market potential.

Go-to-Market Strategy

It’s time to execute. Understanding your customers, competitors, channels, and messaging is just the first step. Going to market requires coordination and alignment across the organization, and an ivory-tower strategy won’t be enough - you need tactics.

Target Identification

The right move at the right time can be transformational. In life sciences, the best opportunities lie at the intersection of technology, market, team, and timing. DeciBio can filter the signal from the noise, and identify the best investment targets for your company or fund.
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