DeciBio: A Life Sciences Market Research & Strategy Firm

While traditional life science market research and strategy consulting firms shy away from highly technical industries, we thrive in markets requiring the unique combination of deep scientific understanding and business insights. DeciBio’s mission is to provide the life sciences market intelligence and strategic insights that drive disruption and innovation in the research tools, clinical diagnostics, health technology, and adjacent markets.


We live and breathe the life science research tools, clinical diagnostics and health technology markets. We dedicated our lives to the life science industry; drawn to these fast changing, technically challenging and highly impactful markets because of the great opportunities and complexities that lie in each area. We truly believe that products and services in these markets will fundamentally transform the future of medicine.

  • We blog real-time on key market news and developments
  • We write in-depth market reports forecasting future markets developments
  • We know how companies need to position themselves to win in these markets
  • We have our work and our opinions cited in industry leading publications
  • We are the trusted advisor to leading companies in these markets; helping to solve their most challenging business issues


Our partners are involved in all aspects of our life science market research and tailored consulting projects. We problem solve as a team by bringing together unique perspectives and expertise in very complementary areas – clinical medicine, academic and industry research, regulation, reimbursement, and technology. Unlike other consulting and market research firms, where partners may spend just an hour or two on your project, delegating the bulk of the research and problem solving to associates fresh out of college, we have at least two dedicated partners on all projects. As a team, our partners conduct insightful interviews, think through modeling methodology, and synthesize our key findings into implications for your success.


How do you measure when a life science market research and consulting company has really mastered the market? We measure our market mastery by the fact that industry leaders and insiders come to us for clarity on their markets today and to gain our insights into the future. We have completed tailored consulting projects for the leaders of all of our markets and are regularly invited to exclusive sessions with executives in the industry, who pick our brains on how the market will evolve.


Your business is global like ours. You need a global partner that can bring a local, on-the-ground perspective to capture the intricacies by which individual markets operate across, and sometimes even within, the world’s economies. Despite our boutique nature, we command a comprehensive global reach through a network of trusted in-country experts around the world. Each of our global affiliates has earned our trust by delivering top quality work on numerous engagements.

Life Science Innovators Choose DeciBio

Leading innovators in the Life Science industry work with us because of our industry focus, comprehensive proprietary content, expert analytical capabilities, and strategic consulting.

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We have a clear focus on the life science research tools, clinical diagnostics, health technology, and adjacent markets to ensure our reports provide relevant information.

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Our team develops proprietary content to help you gain a deep understanding of your market and the trends affecting your market.

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We use analytical tools that enable us to identify insights from our proprietary content and integrate outside data to help you quickly uncover market opportunities.

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Our team’s expertise enables you to get the answers you need for your key strategic business questions.