Opportunity Assessment & Target Customer Identification for In-House Hereditary Cancer Testing

Clinical Diagnostics
Stakeholders Interviewed
Cancer Types Evaluated
Ways to Segment the Model
Project Details
Customer Segmentation
Voice-of-Customer Research
Market Landscaping and Sizing


A leader in research and clinical sequencing wanted to assess the market opportunity and key customer segments for an in-house hereditary cancer testing (HCT) solution

Our Approach

Secondary Research

  • Compiled information on relevant test offerings from the 9 key HCT competitors; distilled HCT eligibility guidelines (for both patients and at-risk family members) across 5 cancers into an easily digestible report; analyzed literature to identify cancers in which HCT testing rates are low and may see future amendments / expansions in eligibility guidelines

Primary Research

  • Conducted 40 in-depth interviews with US-based stakeholders across the hereditary cancer testing continuum (i.e., oncologists, PCPs, urologists, genetic counselors), including diverse perspectives from Academic Centers, Community Practices, and Industry backgrounds

Quantitative Analysis

  • Built a comprehensive, 8-year model for the hereditary cancer testing (HCT) market, able to be segmented by cancer type, key competitor, assay panel size, technology type, and/or offering type (i.e., kit vs. service).



  • provided a HCT market landscape assessment, including key drivers and barriers to the use of HCT in both patients and at-risk family members
  • identified customer segments with the greatest likelihood of adopting in-house HCT and proposed an “ideal product offering” based on feedback from stakeholder interviews
  • built an 8-year model to project the in-house HCT market size and client’s market share
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