Client Result

Methylation Analysis Opportunity Identification for Ultra-Sensitive Detection Platform

Project Overview

A leader in research tools and clinical diagnostic development asked us to evaluate the opportunity for an ultrasensitive detection platform in methylation analysis

DeciBio Approach

Secondary Research

  • Compiled information on technology types relevant to methylation analysis, including their key value propositions and limitations; Pulled insights from public literature regarding new and emerging technologies/players in methylation analysis

Primary Research

  • Conducted 25 in-depth stakeholder interviews with U.S.-based experts in methylation analysis, including clinical, industry, and academic research backgrounds; ensured all experts could speak to personal experience with methylation analysis testing and awareness of broader landscape trends

Quantitative Analysis

  • Built a comprehensive, 5-year model for the methylation analysis market, able to be analyzed / segmented via competitor, technology type (i.e., NGS, PCR, Microarrays, Other), disease area (i.e., Oncology, Immunology, Aging, Neurology, Transplant Rejection, Other), and application area (i.e., Early Detection, MRD, Other)
At a glance
Stakeholders Interviewed
Ways to Segment the Model
Competitor SWOT Analyses


charactered the current and future methylation analysis landscape, defining primary use cases and users as well as key pain points with current technologies

prioritized application areas for the client’s specific detection platform based on the platform’s unique value proposition and technical specifications

built a 5-year model to project the market size and client’s market share in the methylation analysis market


Geographic Scope


Research Tools


Application Identification

Target Identification

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