RWD Biobank Offering Go-to-Market Strategy

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Go-to-Market Strategy
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The ventures arm of a top-20 U.S. health system sought support developing a go-to-market strategy for RWD-augmented biobank offerings

Our Approach

Secondary Research

  • Researched analog initiatives (e.g., UK Biobank, M2Gen / ORION, deCODE Genetics) to inform customer and commercial strategy, typical initial CapEx build and annual OpEx, and execution success factors

‍Primary Research

  • Interviewed stakeholders in biopharma biomarker R&D and RWD, diagnostics clinical development, and biobank experts to characterize the market and competitive landscape for a “RWD biobank” offering, data pain points / unmet needs, product requirements, and pricing

Quantitative Analysis

  • Leveraged primary and secondary research to inform assumptions powering a 5-year financial forecast, with 3 different probability-weighted revenue and CapEx / OpEx scenarios
  • Included revenues from transacted data-linked specimens and standalone molecular real-world insights (RWI)

Go-to-Market Strategy

  • Synthesized research findings and model output to recommend a phased approach to serving pharma as a biomarker development partner through its “premium, data-enriched biobank” while building clinical and molecular data architecture to support potential mid-term commercialization of RWD and RWI solutions
  • Advised at a high-level on deal terms and alternatives with respect to a leading pharma partner offering to sponsor WES for 500K+ patients in exchange for exclusivity on non-specimen-linked RWD


Client recognized that CapEx / OpEx associated with RWD / RWI solution builds did not align with its resources or organizational risk profile; client is focusing on executing Phase 1 of the outlined GTM strategy while building rapport and attracting potential partners for subsequent phases

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