Client Result

Healthcare IT Solution Market Opportunity

Project Overview

A leading pharmaceutical & clinical diagnostics manufacturer wanted to understand the market opportunity for a novel multidisciplinary cancer conference IT support solution

DeciBio Approach

Secondary Research

  • Reviewed public filings (e.g., 10-K, earnings transcripts) of major client competitors to assess our client’s technology and market position
  • Reviewed and summarized all existing IT solutions for cancer conference / tumor board management

‍Primary Research

  • Conducted 52 in-depth stakeholder interviews with oncologists, IT administrators, and cancer care administrators to:
  • Understand the current standard of practice around MCC workflow and identify future trends
  • Characterize current and anticipated future oncology IT budget, procurement, and implementation behavior
  • Determine the unmet needs and key trends in this space

Quantitative Analysis

  • Developed a “bottoms-up” model to estimate the WW addressable market for a potential IT solution, including:
  • Current (2016) and future (2021) WW market size estimates
  • Segmentation across customer type, geography and payor type

At a glance
Stakeholder Interviews
Countries Researched and Modelled
Potential Scenarios Built into the Model

DeciBio delivered an in-person presentation to a cross-functional client team, with the results of the analysis input directly into the client’s strategic planning


8 weeks

Geographic Scope

U.S., EU


Pharma & Biotech


Voice-Of-Customer Research

Go-to-Market Strategy

Competitive Analysis

Addressable Market Sizing

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