AI Patient Recruitment Go-to-Market Strategy

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Go-to-Market Strategy
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A healthcare technology startup wanted to conduct an assessment of potential go-to-market strategies for their AI analytical patient recruitment tool

Our Approach

Secondary Research

  • Conducted an analysis of clinical trial recruitment tools & services
  • Reviewed existing guidelines and recruitment benchmarks across several therapeutic areas

‍Primary Research

  • Conducted telephone interviews with R&D directors, clinical trial managers, and technology KOLs to gather insights about current levels of utilization of patient recruitment tools, satisfaction, unmet needs, and anticipated trends
  • Gathered feedback on a product profile to evaluate potential use cases and optimal product adoption pathway
  • Feasibility of “marketplace” model for the service and associated pricing and revenue models 

Quantitative Analysis

  • Used interviewee feedback to create a custom lead scoring model to assist with identification of potential partnerships and collaborations


DeciBio delivered an in-person presentation to a cross-functional client team, with the results of the analysis input directly into the client’s strategic planning

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