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A large pharmaceutical company engaged DeciBio to evaluate strategies for an internal build of a lab to support clinical and commercial opportunities in oncology

Our Approach

Secondary Research

  • Conducted analysis of key technologies and platforms to understand potential use cases and fit for client needs in the lab build
  • Evaluated the tangible and intangible value of an internal lab and trade-offs between internal build vs. outsourcing

‍Primary Research

  • Conducted 25 telephone interviews with, lab directors, and technology KOLs to gather insights on platform / workflow requirements and evolving landscape (e.g., regulatory)
  • Conducted 14 internal interviews to determine internal hypotheses, anticipated sample volumes and associated costs

Quantitative Analysis

  • Built a comprehensive financial model, including CapEx / OpEx to calculate the breakeven time frame using sample volume projections
  • Determined NPV under various model scenarios


DeciBio delivered a presentation to the leadership team, key takeaways included:

  • Recommendation for an internal build based on cost savings and additional intangible benefits
  • Evaluation of associated risks of build
  • Determined lab design configurations and built roadmap (e.g., personnel requirements, CLIA/CAP, instruments, layout etc.)

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