Early-Stage Cancer Biomarker Testing and Treatment Landscape Assessment

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A top-10 biopharma wanted to assess how the biomarker testing and treatment landscape would change, and the potential impact on the use of their drug, in response to a recent approval of a new competing cancer therapy approved in earlier lines of treatment

Our Approach

Secondary Research

  • Reviewed biomarker epidemiology and testing as well as treatment guidelines to identify the specific patient populations for which testing and/or treatment pathways may be most affected by the approval of the new therapy

Primary Research

  • Conducted 65 in-depth interviews with oncologists, pulmonologists, surgeons, and pathologists to gain deep understanding of the testing and treatment workflow
  • Interviews spanned the U.S. and EU and varying institution types, including academic medical centers, community hospitals, network hospitals, and private practices


DeciBio delivered an in-depth semi-quantitative biomarker testing and treatment landscape analysis (e.g., landscape today, key trends, and expected future growth).

Quantitative and qualitative assessment included:

  • Current testing and treatment practices by geography and biomarker status
  • Biomarker testing technology utilization by institution type and geography
  • Clinician behaviors by setting and geography, including rationale
  • Key testing considerations and drivers by geography, stakeholder type; pain points by biomarker
  • Expected changes in testing behaviors in various clinical scenarios
  • Stakeholder archetypes by setting, including detailed summaries of stakeholder perspectives on trends and growth

DeciBio's analysis revealed that the risk of patient attrition from the client's treatment pathway was lower than expected, and DeciBio developed specific tactics the client could implement to mitigate the attrition of those patients who were at risk.

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