Low-Throughput Molecular Diagnostic Testing Landscape Assessment

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A leading diagnostic company wanted an assessment of the future market landscape for low-throughput (LT) molecular diagnostic (MDx) testing to develop a long-term platform strategy to address the future needs of this market

Our Approach

Secondary Research

  • Performed a benchmark analysis of all major LT MDx competitors, profiling multiple attributes (e.g., turnaround time, throughput, current menu, future menu, key features) for each LT MDx platform

‍Primary Research

  • Conducted 66 in-depth stakeholder interviews with lab directors from MDx labs in multiple settings and of varying throughputs in 20 different countries
  • Conducted a ~250 person survey and choice-task conjoint analysis of lab directors from labs of varying throughput and organization type from 15 different countries

Quantitative Analysis

  • Built comprehensive, bottom-up and top-down models of the LT MDx market segmented by geography, lab throughput, therapeutic area, lab type, test regulatory status, and platform technology
  • Conducted a conjoint choice-task analysis to assess ideal instrument features (6 attributes, 17 levels), with results segmented by respondent geography and lab throughput
  • Built a dynamic NPV model using the output of the conjoint analysis to estimate the potential market share captured and NPV of developing an instrument with any combination of features explored in the conjoint


  • DeciBio identified different customer behaviors, and strategies that the client should pursue in the LT MDx market in different geographies
  • DeciBio specified which instrument features should be prioritized in future platform development efforts in order to capture LT market share
  • DeciBio identified gaps in the client's portfolio that should be addressed to target a potentially disruptive segment of the LT MDx market

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