Infectious Pathogen Diagnostics Technology Commercialization

Clinical Diagnostics
Stakeholder Interviews
Model Segmentations
Countries Researched and Modelled
Project Details
Voice-of-Customer Research


A major diagnostics manufacturer had developed a novel technology for the rapid detection of infectious pathogens and required assistance in developing commercialization strategy and sales tactics. DeciBio’s services were contracted to profile relevant stakeholders, characterize existing workflows and acquisition / implementation processes, and develop a product-specific launch strategy.

Our Approach

Primary Research

  • Conducted 50 in-depth stakeholder interviews with laboratory directors and hospital policy implementation supervisors in multiple settings across 7 different countries
  • Interviews centered around technology usage, procurement responsibilities, interactions with other stakeholders, purchasing drivers / barriers, product evaluation criteria, pain points and unmet needs, and feedback on the client’s product profile

Quantitative Analysis

  • Built a bottoms-up model of the pathogen screening / surveillance market segmented by technology, geography, setting, pathogen, etc., with 3 distinct model scenarios


Based on research and analysis, DeciBio identified key purchasing stakeholders, outlined testing and purchasing workflows, and recommended commercialization and market development tactics

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