New Prenatal Opportunity Assessment

Clinical Diagnostics
Stakeholder Interviews
Prenatal Testing Markets Sized
Go-To-Market Strategies Proposed
Project Details
Voice-of-Customer Research
Go-to-Market Strategy


A multinational pharmaceutical and diagnostics company was interested in learning more about the U.S. market opportunity for their novel noninvasive prenatal test in development

Our Approach

Secondary Research
  • Aggregated secondary research on regulations and guidelines concerning invasive and noninvasive prenatal testing in the U.S.
  • Assessed the coverage landscape for invasive and prenatal testing
  • Analyzed clinical trials and publications to estimate trial size and rigor for market acceptance of a novel test
‍Primary Research
  • Conducted 25 in-depth stakeholder interviews with lab directors and OB/GYN doctors directly involved with ordering or running invasive and noninvasive prenatal tests
  • Interviewees included doctors in community based and academic settings as well as lab directors from molecular and cytogenetic labs
Quantitative Analysis
  • Estimated the current levels of invasive and noninvasive prenatal testing to produce estimates of the potential market opportunity in the U.S.


DeciBio shared research findings with the client, key takeaways included:

  • Outlined customer requirements and key considerations and recommendations to help inform the client’s product development
  • Proposed possible strategies to enter the U.S. market to better inform the client’s product strategy
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