Client Result

NIPT Menu and Technology Offerings

Project Overview

A leading diagnostics player asked DeciBio to characterize the evolving NIPT market to help inform strategic positioning regarding menu offerings and technological approach

DeciBio Approach
Secondary Research
  • Gathered data around annual birth rates and average age of first-time mothers across ~10 ex-U.S. regions
  • Reviewed product specifications of competing vendors to understand menu offerings, test prices and technological approaches 
  • Conducted clinical trial analysis of ~50 active trials related to NIPT to evaluate interest in testing for conditions beyond T21, T18, T13
‍Primary Research
  • Conducted 11 in-depth stakeholder interviews with HCPs (OBGYNs and MFMs), lab directors, and industry KOLs in multiple settings across APAC, Europe and the Middle East
At a glance
Stakeholder Interviews
Countries Researched and Modelled
NIPT-related Clinical Trials Analyzed

Key takeaways from DeciBio’s presentation to the client team included:

  • Bifurcation of testing is real and currently vendor-driven in NIPT
  • Significant regional nuances exist, with high willingness-to-pay among certain segments of the market 
  • Client should consider broadening its menu offerings in order to remain competitive and continue to maintain its global position

4 weeks

Geographic Scope

Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Czech Republic and other EU countries



Voice-Of-Customer Research

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