NIPT Menu and Technology Offerings

Stakeholder Interviews
Countries Researched and Modelled
NIPT-related Clinical Trials Analyzed
Project Details
Voice-of-Customer Research


A leading diagnostics player asked DeciBio to characterize the evolving NIPT market to help inform strategic positioning regarding menu offerings and technological approach

Our Approach

Secondary Research
  • Gathered data around annual birth rates and average age of first-time mothers across ~10 ex-U.S. regions
  • Reviewed product specifications of competing vendors to understand menu offerings, test prices and technological approaches 
  • Conducted clinical trial analysis of ~50 active trials related to NIPT to evaluate interest in testing for conditions beyond T21, T18, T13
‍Primary Research
  • Conducted 11 in-depth stakeholder interviews with HCPs (OBGYNs and MFMs), lab directors, and industry KOLs in multiple settings across APAC, Europe and the Middle East


Key takeaways from DeciBio’s presentation to the client team included:

  • Bifurcation of testing is real and currently vendor-driven in NIPT
  • Significant regional nuances exist, with high willingness-to-pay among certain segments of the market 
  • Client should consider broadening its menu offerings in order to remain competitive and continue to maintain its global position
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