Biopharma Genomic Testing Market Research

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Project Details
Voice-of-Customer Research


A diagnostic company wanted to assess the current and expected future landscapes for biopharma oncology genomics research and Dx / CDx

Our Approach

Primary Research

  • Conducted telephone interviews with biopharma stakeholders director level and above involved in oncology R&D (translational and clinical research)
  • Conducted telephone interviews with biopharma CDx stakeholders director level and above (e.g., vice president of biomarker strategy)
  • Interviews were split by biopharma size with a majority at large biopharma


DeciBio delivered a virtual final presentation that covered an in depth quantitative market analysis (e.g., landscape today, key trends, and expected future growth)

Quantitative assessment included:

  • Share of clinical trials employing prospective and / or retrospective genomic tests
  • Frequency of tests (e.g., therapy selection, MRD, treatment response monitoring) per patient
  • Test utilization by sample type, panel size, and (de)centralized models
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